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Unifying Mind-Body-Spirit
  We are all unique individuals having unique experiences. Nobody has the same DNA that we do currently. Furthermore, it is statistically improbable that there will ever be anybody with the same DNA as ours. Dr Almog Gal realizes the uniqueness of our genetics. Furthermore, he realizes that it isn't just our DNA that is unique, it is also our life experiences, desires, and goals. With this in mind, Dr Gal practices a individualized approach with his patients care. No one box or size fits all. 
  Dr. Gal is board certified in Internal Medicine. He has been practicing medicine for over 10 years and throughout his medical career he noticed a certain percentage of patients did not respond to traditional therapies. This coupled with statistics showing that the US population is getting increasingly ill, promoted Dr Gal to search for the invisible link, Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDC).
  When the body is sluggish, weak, and sub-optimal it effects the mind, causing it also to perform in the same manor if not corrected. The same is true for the mind, if it too is sluggish, weak and performing sub-optimally, the body will soon follow. I specialize in finding and treating these alignments and balancing them.

Why Unity Health Inc?

It can help with


What we fuel our bodies with matters for unifying the mind gut connection. Healthy nutritious food is the foundation for overall health and wellness. Furthermore Dr Gal offers genetic testing and counseling which can enlighten each individual patient on how their genetic make up influences food choices and well being.


Fatigue is a indicator that the mind-body has reached a state where it has used up it's reserve and thus it is brought to our awareness that we are tired and off balance. This is one of the most common symptoms seen in primary care and can be a very complex multifaceted ailment. 

Our world is polluted with chemicals . Most are invisible and they disrupt our hormone system. These are called Endocrine Disrupting Compounds. Dr Gal has become somewhat of an expert on the matter and has given an national lecture on how they interact with our Thyroid. 
Men & Women's Health

Dr Gal practices Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This form of HRT, replaces the deficient hormones with the same exact hormone that has been lost. This helps to minimize side effects seen with non-identical hormones. 

Weight Loss

Obesity is currently an epidemic and still on the rise, as is Diabetes. Sometimes, no matter what we do or eat, we just cannot lose weight. These can be due to hormonal disorders such as PCOS, Insulin Resistance and EDC, which Dr Gal specializes in.  


Stress is the body's natural response when in fight or flight mode. This is very beneficial under normal circumstances, however when it is out of balance and overactive, it wreaks havoc on both our mind and body. Stress reduction through meditation, exercise and minimizing precipitating factors are the key to wellness and sometimes hard to manage alone. 



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